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Toy Review: City Action Space Rocket with Launch Site (Playmobil Set 6195)

One of the things I’ve always wanted was a toy representation of Cape Canaveral. I’ve always loved all things NASA and space exploration, and of course, I’ve got a deep affection for science fiction because of it. Playmobil has finally provided me with just what I was looking for.

Oh, and I’ve created a playlist of videos examining this playset for you to check out as well.

The Space Rocket with Launch Site (or Playmobil Set 6195 for the sticklers) is a hefty addition to anyone’s toy collection. When assembled, the whole thing stands at over two feet tall, so it’s a hard piece to miss.


Behold! Playmobil Set 6195 aka Space Rocket Launch Site

As is their wont, Playmobil went all out in the details of the set. They don’t miss a trick, and the result is a completely immersive play experience that really brings your imagination to life.


Now, the downside of this means that there are plenty of small pieces, and the set takes some time to put together, but the end result is more than worth the effort, as the completed Launch Site will be nothing short of awe-inspiring to your little ones.


Playmobil included three figures with the set, female and male technician/scientists, and the return of the really cool little robot we’ve not seen since the SpaceMo days in the 80s. Click this video for more information.

The Space Rocket alone is worth the price of the entire playset all by itself. It lights up; makes three different noise sets, at a not-too-loud-volume as well: has a detachable capsule meant to fly on its own; and includes a satellite, tucked away in the capsule, which unfolds to reveal spectacular and reflective solar panels. As this video shows, that’s a whole lot of play value!


The literal spine of the toy, the Launch Site portion of the playset is also no slouch. The Space Rocket connects to and detaches from the tower, and you can also connect fuel and power lines from the base of the Launch Site directly into the Space Rocket.

A radar dish can be spun at the top to ensure the coast is clear for a successful launch, and a communications array is available to send and receive data from the satellite, its matching reflective solar panel twirling in whatever direction you like.


The main platform of the Launch Site contains all the controls and monitor screens. It also features a microphone for your figures to simulate the countdown (that the rocket can sound out for you as well), a phone to contact Houston, and doors that swing open and closed. The platform itself also acts as an elevator in and of itself, sliding up and down the entire height of the tower, demonstrated in this video.


But that’s still not all. Two smaller platforms, similar to the buckets operators ride in as seen with cherry picker cranes, can swing out and away from the control platform, carrying your Playmobil figures around the front of the Space Rocket for any repairs or maintenance that might be required. Handles extend below the buckets which the robot can click onto as well, in case the need for repairs is pressing enough to require all three figures to work on them at the same time. All of this is shown in this video.


From top to bottom, Playmobil has delivered a solid playset, that should keep your children occupied for hours. The play options unfold seemingly exponentially. The figures go up and down on the platform, and out and around the rocket in the buckets. The robot wheels and spins about, sometimes gripping onto the buckets to be lifted high into the air.


Your Space Rocket lights up and creates sound effects, and what kid doesn’t like that? It also launches a smaller vessel, the capsule, which in turn launches a satellite. Or even the robot. Why not?


Oh. One more thing. You know how the Space Shuttle gets lifted into the sky by booster rockets and a fuel cell that highly resemble Playmobil’s Space Rocket? That’s no coincidence. Playmobil’s own Space Shuttle set (number 6196 for the sticklers) can attach directly onto the Space Rocket from this set, adding ever more play options for your child. And yourself. Let’s be honest.


This is what Playmobil sets 6195 and 6196 look like together!

We’re lucky enough to live in New York City, and even luckier to live close to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. Featured on the Intrepid, to which we have memberships and visit often, is the Space Shuttle Enterprise. My son and I love it. Just as I know he’ll love these Playmobil sets.


In short, the Playmobil Space Rocket Launch Site is loads of fun for both you and your kids. It’s a fantastic gift idea with its multitudes of play options and its ability to spark your kids’ imagination and curiosity. And don’t tell them this part, it’s educational as well! Shhhh!

Keep an eye out for my future reviews.


Coming up next is the Playmobil NHL Arena, which I tease in this video.



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