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Lite Poppers Light Up Kids’ Imaginations


Lite Poppers are fun for the whole family! Even the cat! (Don’t really give your cat Lite Poppers.)

You may not have heard about Lite Poppers yet, but it’s a fascinating new construction toy line that really stands out. It’s connective system is unlike any I’ve seen before, original and innovative.


These are the basic building components of Lite Poppers.

The colorful building units, not blocks exactly, but look like globes when connected up, can be moved around. So what you get here is a toy that can be moved and morphed as your child completes it.


The units click into one another to form globes.

It’s a new kind of connective toy. That means that sussing out how the globes connect up may take your child a minute, but once they catch on, and they will, Lite Popper toys can inspire your children in creative ways other building toys can’t. So don’t worry if the system looks complex, Lite Poppers has THIS VIDEO to help you out in case things seem daunting.


When figuring out the connective system, the basic units reminded me of the atomic models from science class, used to create, say, water molecules.

Think Lego crossed with Meccano crossed with a Rubik’s Cube, throw in a dash of Lite Brite, and you’ll get close to the ideas Lite Poppers can inspire.


Here the globes are connected to each other and the light up platform provided in each set.

But wait a second. Lite Brite? Where’d that come from? As the name implies, Lite Poppers, well, pop with lite. Each set has a base that lights up and flashes. I dunno about you, but my kid loooooves toys that light up. So now, whatever gets built with Lite Poppers will glow, flash, reflect, and move as the toy does.


Here we have the Lite Poppers Plane, with “Zef.”

Oh, and you don’t need batteries for the toys either. You can use a phone charger or USB cable to power them up. Each set also comes with plenty of reflective stickers as well, to enhance the effect.


And here it is all lit up!

Now here’s the part you don’t tell your kids. Lite Poppers are officially classified as STEM toys. That stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. So what we have here is a opportunity to sneak some learning in for your kids. They won’t know it, but as they play with the toys, they’ll be grasping fundamentals of science and math!


Trading cards, back stories, and interactive games are included in every set.

And they won’t know they’re learning because Lite Poppers provides back stories, comics and trading cards for their characters and toys.¬†Learning disguised as fun! Win win.

As parents, it’s our job to challenge, coax, and encourage our kids to explore the depths of their imaginations, to reach beyond what they think their limits are. So when a toy comes along that is capable of helping us do that, it’s a toy our kids should have.


Lite Poppers Plane with “Zef” and the Loader with “Xena.”

For the kid who likes LEGO, but you aren’t sure which sets they’re into; for the kid who loves toys who light up; for the kid who loves school, and the kid who doesn’t; Lite Poppers will make fun, unique, and memorable gifts.

Find Lite Poppers HERE.