When Hope Is Engulfed In Flames: Ferguson On The Night of The Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision

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Hope is like an appendage that hangs from your soul. It is flexible and it is lithe. It reaches out to grab hold of the things it needs to sustain it. And, like any other limb, it doesn’t grow back if you saw it off. Once hope has been thoroughly severed from the soul it is gone. The wound may heal and cover itself in striated scar tissue and the person might find some sort of prosthetic to take up the space in which that hope used to live, but it will never come back. People who have had the hope completely ripped away from them are left only with a ghost limb; a faint memory of what it used to be. They can never truly believe in whatever goodness that surrounds them for fear that it will be snatched away just as it was before and that this time…

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